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Watch for news of our next tour.  In the meantime, here is what people said about our 2018 tour.


“Great experience! I so appreciate being exposed to the various missions and the work ICEJ provides Israel. This trip has been more of a connect to the Land than past trips. Guides have been incredible! The Sea of Galilee was (the) most emotional site.”

Joanna, Conover, NC

“I highly recommend Connect 2 Bless tours. I really loved the experience of visiting different ministries as well as the sites relating to the Biblical text!”

Butch, Jackson, OH

“Starting in the Negev to the border of Syria and Lebanon…it was (an) exciting, fulfilling time being immersed in the land, culture of our Messiah. The teaching and guidance during the trip were very enlightening.” Ron, Piketon, OH

Ron, Piketon, OH

“It is great!!! Fantastic, it is a blessing.”

Maria, Aurora, IL

“I was so happy with my touring experience, can’t imagine anyone else providing a better time and experiences.”

Carolyn, Ashland, KY

“Feeling so very blessed to have been on this trip of a lifetime. Would so recommend this to everyone on the face of the earth!”

Bethany, Fairport, NY

“Loving Jesus and studying his word, this trip has made my walk with Him even more meaningful!!! I am so very grateful for each step everyday on our visit to the Holy Land. This trip has truly given me a better understanding of God’s word, and love for Israel and the people
in this blessed place. Thank you Connect 2 Bless.”

Mimi, Cave Creek, AZ

“What an amazing first trip to Israel – Love it! So blessed to have done this.”

Mary, Sahuarita, AZ

“Refocusing and prayer – the different ministries have shown the heart of the Jewish people to us. Being from the states, we are sheltered from what is really going on with these Israeli people and the conflict of different religions. What a wonderful experience our first time here.
We will surely come back again.

Mike, Sahuarita, AZ

“This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the people, the current situations and how it relates to the past. You have ‘enlarged’ our basic understanding of the land and people connecting to the biblical past. This is better than going to school!

Alice and Red, Tucson, AZ

“I would highly recommend taking a tour of Israel with C2B. The popular sights are dovetailed with unique sights you will likely not see on a typical tour. An excellent experience to see what God is doing in the Land of the Bible.”

Penny, Newberg, OR

“I was so blessed to be able to take this trip. I had some fears at first due to my low vision, but God is so faithful and surrounded me with his beloved people to help me. It has been eye awakening and I want to know more about Jewish Roots. Galilee on the Lake was my best

JoAnn, Carlton OR