2018 Gallery

Shopping Center Sdarot. Playground Rocket Shelter. Iron Dome Dead Sea Shore. Masada Mt. of Olives overview. Be'ad Chaim, Opperation Moses. Nazareth Village. Olive Press at Nazareth Village. The Gang on the Gallilee. Dancing on the Deck. Baptism in the River Jordan. Synagogue at Capernaum.  Ancient Gate at Tel Dan. Haifa Holocaust Home (ICEJ). Nichol Yoder, Aid Director ICEJ at the Red Carpet Ministry. Garden of Gethsemane. Dome of the Rock.

2016 Gallery

Independence Hall of Israel Tel Aviv Hall & Gallery Red Carpet Susie  Anat Nichol ICEJ Ye'elem Absorption Center Beer Sheva E Wing  Ye'elem Absorption Cr Beersheva W Wing Gift bags for Ye'elem residents  International Christian Embasy Jerusalem  Ye'elem team w ICEJ and C2B C2B Tour at Ye'elem Tour members on Dead Sea salt crystals  Cable Cars to top of Masada View from top of Masada Guide Baruch teaching about Masada  Dead Sea drying up Rocks wheree Dead Sea Scrolls found Dennis Fuqua teaching about prayer  Cave number 4 Buried Treasure location Bet Singer Home for Children Synagogue at Capernaum Walls built of Lava  blocks at Capernaum Guide Baruch teaching at Capernaum Olive presses Ornate design carvings  Area where Jesus taught Beatitudes Baruch JBSS Hebrew 4 the Nations and Jerusalem Seminary Columns at Caesarea Philippi Caesarea Philippi Crusader castle Israel boarder with Syria Jesus Boat Our tour boat on the Sea of Galilee Arbel Cliff Tiberius at dusk Susie and Anita  Olive tree at Nazareth Village Tomb at Nazareth Village  Carpenter workshop at Nazareth Village 2016 Tour Half of Home group plus four pastors and NV guide Elijah at Mt Carmel C2B gift to Simon founder of Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors  Tel Megiddo Caesarea By The Sea Caesarea by the Sea Vista Eastern  or Golden Gate Standing guard Replica of Temple Minorah Western or Wailing Wall Western or Wailing Wall City of David excavations Davids Lyre City of David C2B gift to Makor HaTikvah School Jerusalem Margi Sandy Dave Project Moses Bead Chaim Sandy Margi  Bead Chaim Jeremy Bob Sandy  gifts to Bead Chaim from Radiant Church and C2B

2014 Gallery

'The Gateway to Jerusalem', a view of the North entrance to the city, Highway One can be seen (right middle) coming into Jerusalem from the West. The road travels under “David’s Harp,” a bridge for light-rail and pedestrians, seen as the spire with cables attached in the middle of the picture. International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem (ICEJ), pictured is Susie and Nichol Yoder, ICEJ Aid Director Susie and Naomi, resident at the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. Susie and Shoshana, resident at the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. Most of the holocaust survivors who are still living were children during World War Two. In ten years a much smaller percentage will be left. Their stories are important to hear so that we will be reminded that anti-Semitism can lead to horrific results. With Susie is the principal and director of Makor HaTikva Hebrew Day School, Cookie Schaweber-Issen. A view of the Western Wall and a portion of the Temple Mount. The empty tomb at Gethsemane. The twentieth floor of the City Tower Building at the corners of Ben Yehuda and King David and is a dedicated prayer ministry called Israel Prayer Tower.